Manhole Virtual Models (MVM)

Use Digital Twins to locate and quantify manhole degradation.

Manhole Asset Management Made Easy!

Manhole infrastructure degrades over time due to H2S gas and other factors. Knowing which manhole is degrading the worst can be difficult to identity. RH Borden field teams produce digital twins of each manhole and then use AI to locate and quantify any degradation. In addition, RH Borden provides Virtual Manhole Entry™ using virtual reality giving you a safe environment to view any manhole in your system!

RH Borden produces Digital Twins on your Manholes to:
  • Create a digital copy of each manhole in your system.
  • Quantify manhole degradation and predict when maintenance will be required.
  • Measure any manhole dimension virtually.
  • Create a virtual copy to be viewed in a VR headset using Virtual Manhole Entry™.
  • Save Cost! MVM’s are less expensive than having a certified operator contuct a manhole assessment.

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