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RH Borden Brings New Digital Twin Technology to Wastewater Collection System Maintenance.

Acoustic Assessments

Stop cleaning clean pipes and use the new best practice for collection system cleaning maintenance. Acoustics saves precious staff time and municipal fund and achieves better outcomes than traditional cleaning.

Manhole Virtualization

Manhole Virtual Models (MVM’s) create digital twins of every manhole in your system. AI can then quantify the degradation and show exactly where rehab is needed. All for less cost than sending out your own crew to inspect manholes.

I&I Locating Services

Use an iTracker network of sensors to monitor the entire basin all at once and identify exactly where I&I is entering the system. After only a few rainstorms you can pinpoint your I&I within a few hundred feet!.

RH Borden Serves You!

The way we do this is by bringing the latest in digital twin technology to help those maintaining Wastewater Collection Systems.

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